Hide secret messages into PNG images, or decipher them!

This tool does not use server communication, there is no upload, no external script, everything's gonna happen in local.

Step 1 - Reading image data...


Message is encrypted

We've found a message in your image, but you must give the key to decrypt it.

Decrypt message

Success! Hidden message

We've found a message in your image. Here it is :

The message isn't intelligible ? Maybe you've given the wrong key... Try again.

Save another message

Step 2 - Choose a message to hide

Step 3 - Secure your message

You can choose a key (passphrase) to encrypt your message.

Encrypt message and generate image


Your message has been hidden in the following image :

You can download this image (Right click > Save image as...).

Warning! DO NOT compress the image, you could alter the message and make it impossible to recover it.


Welcome to logs!